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Company History

Founded in 2011 by two Carnegie Mellon University CS Grads, Sam Kaufmann and Jake Poznanski, Random Salad Games is dedicated to developing fun and engaging casual games for the Windows, Google Play, and Amazon marketplaces.

Random Salad Games started out on the Windows Phone and PC platform, where they were able to turn a dorm room start-up into a full-fledged game studio. Random Salad Games is proud to be the first indie game developer to make over one million dollars on the Windows marketplace.

At the end of the day, Random Salad Games’ founders pride themselves in making games that players of all ages can enjoy. With classic card games like Simple Solitaire and Gin Rummy, exciting casino games like Slots and Bingo Online, and engaging word games like Simple Word Search and Word Twist, you can always find a Random Salad Games title that you will love to play. Best of all, most titles are free to download, so anyone can enjoy these fun games at absolutely no cost.

Sam Kaufmann, co-founder

Random Salad Games is not just a day job for me, it is a passion. Making fun and challenging games gives me great joy and fulfillment…

Sam graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011 with a B.S. in Computer Science and Math and an M.S. in Mathematical Sciences. After working at Amazon.com as a software developer in 2011, Sam co-founded Random Salad Games.

Sam has always enjoyed problem solving and finally found a creative outlet for it in game development. It was the perfect way to mix his love of math and computer science with his artistic background. Sam has contributed to the game engine framework and technical aspects of each game but is primarily in charge of game production. Sam works closely with developers and graphic designers to provide the user with a fun and inviting gameplay experience.

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