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There is a sound button in the upper right section of the main menu that toggles the game music and sound effects.

The score gets incremented every time a successful match is made. The further along you are in the game, the more the match is worth. There are special wild card and honor tiles that are worth bonus points when they are matched, so reserving those matches for later in the game will get you a higher score.

Every level has two gold stars you can earn. The first you earn just by completing the level. The second you earn if you can complete a level without needing to use a reshuffle.

General questions

  1. Open up the start menu and type "apps and features"
  2. Click on the Apps and Features line with a gear or list icon next to it
  3. Find the game in the list, select it, and select "uninstall"

Many of our games are free to download in the app store. In order to keep publishing games for free, we must display advertisements in some of our games. The money earned from displaying these ads goes directly to funding the development of new free games. As of right now, there are no options to pay to remove advertisements from any of our free games.

We kindly ask that you send us a mail via the "Contact Us" form so we can look into the issue. Please include a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing. You can also email us directly at:

All purchases of virtual goods within our games are final and non-refundable. Please refer to our terms of service for more details.

You can purchase a t-shirt on Amazon that features our mascot, Saladius by clicking here. Our t-shirts make great gifts for the gamer in your life.

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